Making recycled toys for children

Children do not care what the cost of a toy is, they just want to have fun with it. So often recycled toys may be a good choice for children. In addition, they can help in the process of creation, which involve them more with the toy.

In this note we show you how to create recycled bowling with a few elements and in a very simple way. Put to work and make your child happy.

Making recycled toys for children

Recycled bowling

The advantage of bowling is that anyone can play with them, whether it is age. In this sense, it is an ideal family game play.

You just need a little creativity to create bowling for your own children without spending a fortune and, what is not less, benefiting the environment with your recycling.


  • 6 bottles of plastic (empty, clean and dry)
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Markers style Sharpie

Steps to follow

  • Cover with newspapers or tablecloth the space where you are going to make the recycling
  • Combine the acrylic paints with red, yellow and some white. The idea is to form a skin-like color. Note that you should cover the inside of the bottles with this painting, so prepare enough mixture
  • Pour the peach-colored paint inside the bottles (you do not need to fill bottles completely, but put an amount sufficient to paint everything inside)
  • Cap the bottles and shake them so the paint covers the entire inner surface
  • Uncover the bottles and poured the remains of paint that is inside them
  • Let stand for 24 hours for the paint to dry
  • Once the paint has dried, cover the bottle and paint the exterior. Draw them hair, eyes, clothes and anything you want to give them a human looking.
  • Let dry and play!

Nothing better than creating your children’s toys with the love of your own hands. These recycled bowling will make the whole family happy.

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