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Natural methods to strengthen nails

As nails are constantly exposed, they suffer from external aggressions, climate change or the use of chemicals to which they are exposed when we perform the cleanup.

In general, fragile and brittle nails are not a problem for health. However, hands are visible and therefore all broken nails can afflict us aesthetically.

If this is your problem, do not worry because with these methods that we will teach you then, you will strengthen your nails naturally and easily, without resorting to invasive treatments or spending too much money.

Natural methods to strengthen nails

strengthen nails

With these natural methods to strengthen nails, you will easily avoid that they are weak and brittle. The ingredients we use to prepare these methods are exclusively natural and they are available at any local store.

1. Compress of lemon juice

Lemon is very effective to strengthen nails because its high levels of vitamin C help to regenerate cells.

To incorporate lemon to take care of your nails, you just have to squeeze the juice of a lemon, dip a cotton ball with the juice and apply carefully on each nail. Then let rest for 15 minutes and remove with lukewarm water.

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Note that if you have any injury, lemon can cause some burning on them but it also helps to heal.

2. Bath of olive oil

Olive oil is a great ally to strengthen nails thanks to its moisturizing and fortifying properties.

Besides, the treatment of olive oil is very simple: you just have to put the nails in a bowl with olive oil for 15 minutes over a month. After a month there, do the same treatment but only twice a week.

3. Nail massages

You may think that massaging your nails is useless, but actually it is a very effective trick to strengthen your nails. This is because the massage stimulates blood flow.

Perform a daily massage on your hands and nails using a moisturizer. It is better to perform this massage after the nails have been in contact with water.

4. Cream of cucumber

Cucumber is recognized worldwide for its cosmetic benefits. The reason is that while moisturizes and softens, it improves the skin appearance.

If you choose to use cucumber to strengthen your nails, this is what you should do: put a cucumber in a blender (without removing the skin and seeds) and mix until getting the consistency of a cream. Then put the mixture in a bowl and put your nails on it for 10 minutes.

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Please note that your nails contain keratin, a protein that requires certain nutrients to stay strong. For that reason we recommend you follow a varied diet rich in zinc, amino acids, iodine, calcium and vitamins A, B and C. Also, avoid biting your nails because this obviously makes them weak.

If you have weak nails, do not think on hiding them so the people do not see them. Just follow these tips and see how their appearance is rapidly improving.

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