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See why you should not raise a child by the arms

Children are very fragile and their bodies are still forming. For that reason, you should be careful when handling their bodies and, in any way, you must raise a child by the arms, as this can cause a condition called “nursemaid’s elbow”.

Nursemaid’s elbow is a painful injury that usually affects children between 1 and 5 years, and it can cause serious long-term problems. If you have children or nephews, keep reading to learn why you should not raise a child by the arms.

See why you should not raise children by the arms


The nursemaid’s elbow injury happens when the radius, a bone of the elbow, is out of its normal position. This is a fairly common disorder in children under five years, although it can happen to older children. However, in general it is not presented after five years because by that time the joints are already stronger.

Because, as we mentioned before, children are very fragile, the parent or guardian could cause dislocation of the elbow inadvertently, by pulling the child’s arm or hand tightly.

If the child does not stop crying and refuses to move his arm because he feels pain, it’s time to suspect that he may have a nursemaid’s elbow injury. If this happens, it is essential that you call his pediatrician or take him to the nearest hospital.

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Diagnosis of nursemaid’s elbow

The diagnosis of nursemaid’s elbow can only be given by a physician and a physical examination is necessary to achieve the injury heal as quickly as possible, to return to their place the ligaments that have sprained.

Note that the elbow of the child should only be touched by the expert hands of a doctor. This is because the maneuver that is used to return the ligament and the radial head in place is very difficult to do for those who do not understand medicine. Do not try to do it yourself because you could aggravate the injury.

Precautions to prevent nursemaid’s elbow

  • Do not raise the children by the hand or arm (much less suddenly)
  • Do not swing the children grabbing hands or arms
  • Do not pull the children by their hands or arms directly
  • Raise children safely to avoid injury, that is, taking him gently under the armpits.

Be careful with children because their structure is still very fragile and you do not want to cause injury to the elbow by a bad movement of yours.

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